Cabal system


- We need a bulletin board system, so we can leave persistent communiques to each other. 

- At the very least we need a mail-all (and mail all rank x, and rank x+) button in the cabal screen

- I'd really, really like some kind of cabal pool of stuff. I can put blueprints or gear I get that's good, but not good for me, in. Or give everyone who joins the cabal 1m credits or stuff like that. (Maybe a cabal storage that could just be a tab off of the stasis chamber.)

I know it's really late for tweaks and we might not see these, but I've been fachead in a lot of games, going all the way back to text based MU*S, and these are things that help bond and coordinate a group of disparate people.

-less important stuff-

We need a help file for the chat system.

daily or weekly cabal missions, maybe like the unholy temple or with a boss that gets tougher every time it gets killed. Also some kind of 'farming' activity. Where you can go click on something and generate resources/materials or something. Things that make players feel like they can exert their will and see results for the cabal really help build investment in the game and keep people connecting. (The current systems in place are really good, but require that you have materials or the power to beat a cabal mission, which can result in being stuck and unable to contribute.) Also things that keep people on the game when they're not on a mission are good, as well.

Cabal alliances and mergers - Two cabals want to team up for something, grandmaster clicks merge, now they have a shared channel and they share rewards? Like temporarily makes one big cabal out of two? This is something I've never seen, but comes up as a need in every game I've ever played.

An official channel for grandmasters of the cabals, where we can discuss truces and terms of conflicts and fix conflicts, without it turning into a shouting match with the peanut gallery like it would on General. Maybe the top 100 cabal GMs can talk, and everybody else can listen. But during big drama or where the game doesn't prevent/control things that players feel aren't fair, a way to create 'house rules' is very important and useful, and General just isn't suited to that kind of thing.


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Cabal system
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6 years 68 days ago
Vlricus von Kronstadt
In my opinion it can work. What usually happens is the highest or most powerful and active player enforces it. Then it becomes a matter of convincing them that the game as a whole will be better this way. 

example. I play a wargame, where it is possible to attack other players while they're gathering resources. Gathering parties are small and fixed in size, it's easy to overwhelm one and just get xps for cheesy kills all day long. 

All of the alliance (faction) heads got together and outlawed it. Also, after free-for-alls or battle royales, there's usually a 3 day peace period afterward, to give people a few days of unmolested recooping and healing. This is both decided on, and enforced, by mutual agreement amongst those with the in-game power to enforce it. 

Also, with proper design...all out wars can be very expensive for both sides. A place to at least limit terms or even derail it entirely is useful as well.

It's not usually democratic, it's not usually 'fair', it definitely benefits the most powerful players, more. The alternative of no ability to construct cultural mores is much worse. Mostly for the reasons you said, people with a mad-on and anonymity will act retarded to the Nth degree. Even if that means purposefully undoing 2 weeks of your work on your vehicle/ship/fortress/character, just as a way to take their retaliation up a notch. 

And ideally, those who self-select to be facheads will have somewhat cooler heads, and the ability to exert some influence on their cabal members -- or they won't last long anyway. Keeping the hotheads off of General, while upper echelons iron out a misundertanding is way better than 3 hour screaming matches on General, aswell.

6 years 69 days ago
I agree, more or less, until the last paragraph. Mass-communication cross-"faction" is almost impossible to have any positiv impact, imo. By now we have learned that, anonymity, and a "cause", multipled by opposition equals retardedness to the Nth degree.

But all the paragraphs over that one I nooded my head too. I would also like to see some sort of cabal-pool, but I think that should also have the drawback of everyone having to chip in to "pay the light-bill". Maybe higher rank, higher bill so you don't get noob-bleeding.


Vlricus von Kronstadt