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So i have been working to build my cabal up but im just feeling empty with what i can do, now im sure there has been posts stating what will happen with cabals so i apologise if what i say has been covered.

1ST: Would love to see an inventory for cabals or maybe even a cabal ship where all members of a cabal have there own ship and inventory to stash the shiny's and share with other members.

2nd: More clarity of what each rank in a cabal does i and doing by trial and error but a wee bit more info wouldn't go amiss.

3rd: Many cabal missions are bugged for many members but not for others this makes it extreamly hard to do cabal missions.

4th: Cabal missions, could be a bit more varied saying do an assassin mission 72 times would rive even the most hardcore player insane so would be awesome to see a better layout for cabal missions.

5th: this ones for me... its sounds ridiculous and silly but maybe a skin for Grand master would be cool and lords or even a uniform/skin for the cabal that offers no benefits but gives that unity cabal feeling....and also looking awesome.

Love the game guys and me and my cabal will continue our best to bring forth any new bugs and issues plus feedback we can.

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Cabal Inventory
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6 years 271 days ago

Oh, and by the way, at the moment each cabal member can see how much they participated in completing cabal directives, but there is no complete listing to compare each other and to see who participated at all. At least the Grandmaster should be able to see who threw their weight in and who did not ;)

6 years 278 days ago

Patience. Cabals are still very much unfinished. All of the present cabal content is new, just added for the EA start.

6 years 280 days ago

Thats a really good point about the 5th one nice idea.

6 years 280 days ago

I second all of that, except #5.

@ #3 & #4: Yes, my cabal had extreme problems to fulfill 51 cabal extermination missions, because only very few of my 25 cabal members were able to see these missions among the starsystems. I for myself could see these missions at the start, but later on they were not visible for me any longer.
And now we are stuck with finding 350 Word Bearer Sorcerors. These guys can only be found in Chaos Legion Vanguard missions, and these missions are not always on offer for everyone. Besides, they seem to appear more in medium and large missions, there are fewer to be found in small missions. At this time we managed to find a meagre 74...
Because this is our first directive this week, we are doomed not to progress at all this week! So I'd say there should be a lot of fine-tuning on cabal directives ;-)

@ #5: Inquisitors are individuals (they have always been described that way in the lore...), thus a type of 'uniform' for a cabal does not seem to be the way to go. What I would like to see is a way to display rank among the cabal members by showing how resplendent one's armor is. So standard armor for acolytes, more decorations for adepts (e.g. purity seals), some special/custom armor pieces or additions for lords and grandmasters (like a backbanner, for example). But this would be purely decorative and should be of low priority ;-)