Cabal Bug


So i felt the need to update my cabal info, upon setting the new text it has resulted in the game not recognising the cabal any longer. 

The cabal still shows for me (unsure if it shows for others) but it's now lvl 1 (it was lvl 2) and no info is shown just the "Loading" text. Also the cabal screen locks the game up forcing myself and all other cabal members who view the cabal screen to have to alt f4.

I suspect the weekly reset could resolve the issue.

Weekly reset did not fix this issue, so now all cabal members are unable to collect the weekly cabal rewards.

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Cabal Bug
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6 years 165 days ago

In addition to this all others that click on my Cabal info either from the Cabal selection screen or from the social menu have there games freeze also.


Upon clicking Cabal Info full Game Freeze occurs for any player trying to view *Librarium=][=Daemonica*  :(

6 years 154 days ago
Still an issue after patch 0.7.3 (16th Feb) 

Any chance my Cabal can just be deleted to solve this issue please?

6 years 153 days ago
First test suggest that the name was the issue as ][ was interpreted as a tag by the game. Will continue investigating.
6 years 153 days ago
Was that for the "Info Text" in the Cabal?  i put this at the very bottom of the cabal info window, this is what caused the lock up to occur, maybe removing this will resolve the issue?

As the =][= has been used in the center of the cabal name for some time now with no issues, along with many others using it.
6 years 153 days ago
There's another thing, at least with my cabal: Member info is not updated where it comes to the number of missions done. Even members with levels in the 20s are listed with only one(!) mission done.