Cabal Astronomican now full


As Grandmaster, I would like to welcome all of you that took the leap of faith to join the Cabal. First and foremost we are about having fun but, I would love to see us become one of the top cabals in the game.

My main priority is for us is to play a major role in the persistent open world PvE game. This means everyone stays active playing either coop or solo on the star map. One of the main advantages of being a cabal is that we will receive special cabal only perks for completing missions on the map, so a minimum amount of activity will be required of all members.

As for PvP, when and if it is implemented in the final release, its optional to me but, as a group, we will decide what level of interest in it we will have.

So, if you are a member of Astronomican, please chime in here to say hello and let us know a little about your interests in the game and the 40K universe. I'll get things started off:

Big 40k fan. Just finished Eisenhorn Omnibus, now starting Ravenor.

Mainly interested in open persistent world solo/coop game.

Favorite Character: Crusader with ranged weapons.

Looking forward to meeting & battling the foes of the Emperor with you...may his light guide us !

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Cabal Astronomican now full
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7 years 69 days ago

I think we need a "recruitment" post category - we'll add one for sure soon.

Good Luck!

7 years 69 days ago

And maybe being able to have more than 20 members?

7 years 67 days ago