>be me, average inquisitor.


>goes on a mission to investigate a cult poisoning the water supply and killing the populace

>bring three guardsmen along, pretty decent lads

>we're clearing out the cultists hideout, room by room. I start actually caring about the guardsmen and try to keep them alive

>I charge into a room, alarms go off. Heretics everywhere. Door behind me closes and locks up.

>guardsmen are on the other side of the door, they hear my screams as I fight off the ambush in melee 

>I claw at the door desperately trying to escape, while screaming I get stabbed in the back by some huge mutant. I died. 

That's the tale of my inquisitor. I love this game, it's my favorite warhammer 40k game of all time and it's no where near complete. Can't wait for the Psyker class to come out, it will probably be my favorite one.

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>be me, average inquisitor.
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7 years 15 days ago

The average Inquisitor would have send his Cannon Fo... I mean loyal imperial Guardsmen into the room first.

They have mastered the training of activating tra... clearing rooms.