bye bye psyker


thx devs for still supporting and upgrading game! GJ keep going!

but this update ruined my psyker build... my cleaning run was going around 70 sec... im playing for speed runs basics on react and anti-sleep  thing.  now i have 290sec buff time? what for this for me ?  

looks like this update not for me, well i know how to wait, see ya after few month or so, i hope you guys change somethings back. this is not MMO so do not destroy that ppl already have by changing ballance to down. you just nerfed psy class, no thx for that 



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bye bye psyker
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112 days ago

To add to my thoughts, even before the current season it seemed the vast majority of psyker builds are built for low heat, and the update doesn't really affect their potency too much even now. High heat has always seemed to be a more niche thing. 

The update nukes a mostly niche category of builds into the ground. The current season has seen cooldown reductions greatly nerfed, alongside more frequent anomaly spawns with a greater variety at high heat. Perks central to the high heat build, like Reverse Warp Attenuation is also nearly useless in comparison to the Psy Focus tree, due to how negigible its health gain is. Paired with the Precognition nerf, all the jank that comes with warp anomalies can't really be negated, and so playing high heat psyker is now very unpleasant. As someone who has spent several months grinding to perfect their psyker build, this season's psyker changes just aren't for me, sorry.

113 days ago
I kind of agree as well. The new update killed high heat builds due to the sheer amount of jank that warp anomalies suffer from.  Anomalies have a nasty habit of blending in to the visual clutter of  levels, and paired with how punishing they are (the triangle tends to clip into terrain, and inflicts a slow status while the chaos mark is extremely hard to see in many circumstances and completely removes suppression), it tends to be very unpleasant to play as one. I don't believe azot is wrong in this instance, as anomalies can definitely do with another look.
115 days ago

are you suggesting that I give up my path and just repeat someone else's work? naah thx. maybe he will play instead of me then. I don't see any interest in copying. is the psyker too strong ? tell that to someone who hasn't reached level 90.thank you for your attention.

better to do somethings in PvP mode! that's what we're all waiting for! 

best wishes

122 days ago

The Psyker class was way too powerful compared to the other classes hence we felt the need to balance it out. 

Here you can read about various builds for the Psyker which are pretty viable too:

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