Bugs that i have encounterted so far


- problem with rotating - screen is jiggling
- after i have equipped purple shotgun it just disappeared during mission ( my character was freezed, and could not attack)
- double messages in chat
-  black screen after exiting star map
- problem with loading party game - not eberyone could enter the game
- it was not possible to invite new players into party
- shop (rougue shop) either worked very slowly, or would not pop up after clickin on it , selling items was difficult , even buying them, sometimes they would not appear in my inv
- party members were not visible in the left right corner (portraits) but in the party chat

will update the post after encountering more

Update 1 : mini map is not correspondin with actual mission (information gathering mission databases)

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Bugs that i have encounterted so far
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6 years 181 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, we will get to work.