Bugs as of feb 23


item loss,  we all know this one. 

game crashes on returning from mission. not everyone crashes, i do 95% of the time.

No way to finalize attribute point spent.

Many of us including me suffer the prevailent poor fps, even on meager graphic settings.

Duel weilding doesnt work properly causes missing animations.

stash box also eats items.

Bunker busters fail to load 100% of the time, fatal error.

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Bugs as of feb 23
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5 years 287 days ago
I can confirm these as well. 

I just lost all of my items with the exception of my power armor and chain sword after having come back from a lengthy mission with a bag full of worthy upgrades.

I crash after completing missions 100% of the time but receive rewards upon logging back in. 

My character floats when using a melee weapon and pistol, and the mission I played with power hammer/pistol, the hammer had no animations

I've also had occasional problems with the assault jump ability, sometimes the character will jump straight up and back down but the damage effect will play where my cursor was. No damage will be done. I have also had the character walk all the way to where I indicated to jump then jump up and land. Damage will be done. I feel the ability triggers correctly 50-60% of the time. 

5 years 287 days ago
I confirm these bugs as well.  Skills look to be kept.

I also appeared to be floating when moving while using power sword and inferno pistol. 

No animations for any attacks either with pistol or with sword, however the rocket pack and the grenade both did have animations.  

5 years 287 days ago
I confirm all of these bugs, also i experience difficulties on selecting two differents single handed weapons in each hand, a new graphic bug when using shielad and plasma pistol: the character loses animation and sound on walking, it seems like it's foating