seeing the latest Inquisitor's steam reviews, I began to wonder what could be their reason, when I started to review them, then everything became clear - bugs... bugs everywhere...  so I decided to make a list of these errors that I recently noticed...

For starters, something less important, but still annoying... 

-when we turn on the weapon range view and die during the mission, the distance circles will disappear and they cannot be restored,

-when during missions on open maps (desert, wasteland) we get to the edge of the map, we see cut off textures and a white field. This usually happens at one edge, usually the one on the right in relation to the starting position, as if the mission area was shifted. On the other side of the map behind the permitted area you can see the continuation of the terrain, which masks the end of the map,

-there is no separate button that would open a window containing a description of the weapon's properties (description of their attacks), currently you can only get there by selecting an item from the character's progress menu on level (there is no information about the one-handed hammer of the crusader). However, there is still no menu with similar information about armor and belt items,

-the graphics of the Inoculator charges remains on the ground when collecting all loads, and when collecting only parts of the available loads, the remaining ones become unboundable. In addition, after opening the boxes with supplies, but leaving them uncollected, the entries icon disappears on the map,

-at higher shadow settings, some of them disappear, or blink notoriously, this can be seen especially on the bridge, at the panels for receiving mail and customizing the characters when rotating the camera.

Now, unfortunately, something less pleasant...

-some of the runes that modify the psionic's power do not work, or have imprecise descriptions, this can be seen especially with HP and suppression suction runes. After my many attempts, I failed to observe their actions, tested using power Molten Beam and Maelstrom,

-some relic armors have unlockable upgrades that can't be unlocked, in my case it is an upgrade related to resource consumption for the psionics armor; generating or dissipating warp heat does not generate progress in unlocking the upgrade,

-when checking character statistics (again I will use my psioik example) some descriptions apply to other classes and types of resources, as well as descriptions of some passive abilities,

-the problem of negative passive points when resetting the character skills tree has already been raised. Sometimes it is enough to reset the passive tree, switch to the character panel and return to the tree to create the this problem.

There is another group of bags associated with the main campaign...

-first, during the fourth mission of the prologue - a desecrated shrine - when we free the second group of guardsmen, Thorn tries to say something, but through a bug, his speech is immediately accelerated and impossible to read,

-further during the investigation related to finding Uther's Tarot, there is a problem with the order in which clues were found. The first clue we find, and to which the inquisitor refers, is the one obtained after activating all cogitators, in the game it is a Klosterheim message to Colonel Anderson, but after reading it, we know that Klosterheim ordered to kill all tech-priests, meanwhile our protagonist says that one of them "should be alive", and that the clues were very accurate, but the message he is talking about is a clue that we find at the end of the mission in the body of the psyker. In addition, during the mission, there is no tech-priest report from the clash with feral beasts, which during the mission is omitted and appears in the diary only after its completion. Analyzing the course of the mission, the tech-priests report should be obtained from cogitators, instructions for feral beasts from an soldier/officer killed during the mission (this is not happend in the game now), and Klosterheim's message from a psyker killed in the final phase of the mission,

-similar problems with the order of clues we find also appear (though not only), while searching the wreck of the martyr, for example, the third video of Alpha Pariah, in which he destroys the demon, can be seen only after the end of the mission, although the protagonist clearly refers to him before completing the mission (I found this clue myself while I finished this mission for the third time) or that we find the first clue about Captain Van Wynter during the mission of searching for Uther's diary, in the corpse of a tech-priest (texture of a dead red guard) - it is about mission with the fleeing sorcerer - but the inquisitor raises these issues after completing the next mission,

-if someone analyzes the clues they receive during the course of the mission, they can sometimes be confused...

That's all I can remember at the moment, but if I find more, I'll add them to this list...

One more thing, a little suggestion about "Bane of the Warp-spawn" heroic deeds, it is pointlessly tedious for new players to achieve this challenge. In the case of a similar achievement - Wrath of the Machine God - killing elite rebel engine is easier to achieve because there is no level restriction, and the missions in which this type of enemy occurs are more frequent, while the drawing of missions with a higher level, in which we find more than two opponents of demon commanders and elite is almost impossible, and their incidence is minimal...

PS. Sorry for my bad English

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1 year 355 days ago
Thank you for summarizing these bugs, we will look into them all!

Would you name a couple of descriptions which are not correctly displayed in your point of view? That would be of great help to us, thanks in advance!