Bugged story progress


Hello. I joined my friend for online multiplayer, we were both on chapter 2 save Caius Thorn 2/3.

The mission finished and progressed properly for him. I, however, am stuck now on the bridge with no story missions to do.

I also never received the neocore confirmation email, so not sure what my username is.

it should be:

Neocore: Hatey McHater or Hatey_McHater not sure where to look it up ingame and I never got the confirmation email

Xbox live account: Hatey McHater

Character name: Kryger

help would be much appreciated.

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Bugged story progress
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15 days ago
I had the same exact thing happen

15 days ago

Thank you Marcopolocs, the character is fixed!

15 days ago
You should be able to continue the story campaign please check on your character.