Bugged loot from mission completion


Hello! I've done several missions so far this morning, some from the Drukhari Triglav investigation (specifically Grim Harvest), as well as a random investigation, a Tarot mission, and a few map missions. The caches at the end of mission completion either gave just credits, a single item, or no items at all. As an example, my Tarot mission was a Murder Major Arcana, with Unending Duty and Taint as the Minor Arcana, and the completion cache gave no items whatsoever.

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Bugged loot from mission completion
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173 days ago
As far as I noticed, only items were missing. It didn't occur in the first few missions I did, but then it occurred consistently for a number of missions (at least 6-7). I was alternating between Tarot/Campaign/Map missions, so I couldn't say exactly which ones were effected. They weren't all effected the same though, some gave me just 1 item, some just credits, and some nothing at all.
174 days ago

thank you for reporting the matter. May I ask only items were missing, credits, fate points were given?
You found this issue in every kind of missions or only in Tarot/Campaign missions?