bug with trader and more...


When the store menu is open, I can not buy anything, so I can not compare anything with the item from the already equipped

problem with displaying dreadnought armor

maybe this is not a bug at all ... but at level 5 of the account only 3 skill point

little about the redesign ... total:

in the early stages of the project (alpha test in particular), despite the huge number of technical problems, the design of armor and weapons, I think it was better and more interesting than now

PS: not a bug.... just a light-weight tank

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bug with trader and more...
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6 years 258 days ago

About Bug Report #4

The number in the lower right corner is your account level. Account Level 3 equals 3 skill points, so that is O.K.

By "level 5" you are talking about your inquisitorial rank, I presume? Inquisitorial rank does not give skill points...

6 years 258 days ago

I understood everything, thanks about this