movemant and general feedback


hallo good devs

plz make a function that you can toggel on and of foor moving whit the mous. the game is way more engaging whit wasd then point and klik hafing ablast atm whit the wasd config bicus it has more action in the game and somthing to do whit your brain in stat of point and klik and walk in a rong diraction or walk agenst somthing. and plz use a difrent sound foor plasma base wapons thay sound rather wet and not terfing as al the other wapons its like ow louk some has farter a ball of plasma at me and not like oh dame some one schot a plasma bolt at me duck foor cover and a qwestion why thit you guys not use sounds that ar already in warhammer 40k games so you dont hafe to reinvent the wheel in some cases ?

hafing a blast whit a good 40k game in a while thank to the devs. out and keep purging brothers

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movemant and general feedback
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6 years 268 days ago
Great feedback, thanks for the write-up. I'll add this to our feedback section.