Everytime I go with a melee weapon plus pistol in the first weapon slot, the character animations bug out. The Inquisitor is holding the melee weapon like a rifle with no animation for either hitting or shooting, the secondary fire (such as the Full Auto for bolt pistol) does not work. The movement is also bugged; with either no leg animation or moving animation never stopping. It changes whenever you switch weapons.

Core i7 3700@3,4GHz, GTX970, 24GB RAM

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4 years 258 days ago

Good time dear Neocore.
"Van Helsing Final Cut Edition"

I am playing as mage.
the 1st skill "electric atack" automatically swaps any time when I change location.
I have to swap my skill from electric atack to "firewall' again and again.
I use Xbox One gamepad.
The link to image https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NslRxqr6zEWLPls9r-kwmXzgfa9fmVqW/view?usp=sharing

Contact me please when u fix a bug)

Best wishes, Artey.
ManaMake Outsource Studio CEO.

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7 years 28 days ago
Posted by Megapull 7 years 35 days ago
Indeed these combos will be blocked in the next update as intended.

Pistol and melee shouldn't be removed. It's very iconic to the Warhammer 40,000 universe, particularly for inquisitors.

7 years 35 days ago
Indeed these combos will be blocked in the next update as intended.
7 years 35 days ago

One of the official responses stated that the combination of melee weapon and ranged weapon was actually supposed to be blocked. But in the build this was not the case. I may have read it incorrectly but as I understand it's not a bug as such, but a feature that shouldn't exist. Happy hunting. 

7 years 37 days ago

I would guess you would like an official response, but in the mean time I can confirm that this is a known issue.