Bring back the old warzone!!


Bring back to old warzone , remove the warzone levels and perks add more map. There was absolutely no point in removing that endless system completely it just needed tweaking and more map diversity. The new warzone system is like doing a bunch of intel missions in a row, its boring and useless ( I am aware there is another post about the old warzone, I just want the devs to know they did a huge mistake by removing it).

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Bring back the old warzone!!
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4 years 93 days ago
Brother Kundari

we do not call to remove the New Old Warzone. we just want to return the Old Warzone Mode to a different place in Caligari, and possibly with a different name. Old Warzone Mode with all its shortcomings had many fans. I loved spending time making my way through the endless hordes of demons to the warp gates. I miss this mode. it was a good distraction from regular missions, really dangerous, difficult and sinister.

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4 years 94 days ago
ya bring back old warzone!!!!
4 years 98 days ago
Back in the "old" days we were always nagging about how bad and terrible it was, and how one-sided it all was. Which was indeed also true.

Now it is at least better in the way of actually being Mission based, and it also has different environments. And it grows in difficulty.

Earlier it was always the same thing over and over and over...

4 years 105 days ago
I agree. The old system was much better for longevity - you could truly see how far you build could carry you, it was coop, it had variety mission wise, and you could face the big titan boss every now and then for good loot. The new Warzone is effectively just higher level intels. I really do think it was an odd decision to remove quite possibly the only challenging coop endgame option available to players. Really hope it makes a return, because coop endgame in this game is sorely needed...
4 years 110 days ago

Bring back old war zone!

4 years 136 days ago
Bring back old war zone!!! 
4 years 207 days ago
We won't remove the current version of the Warzone but I will discuss this with our designer team whether the old version could be brought back in any form. 
4 years 207 days ago

For the Holy Emperor! Add another location with Old Warzone! Add new OldWarzone rooms, enemies from seasons 1,2. Also all Elite Boss re-fight from story like Nemesis in special location. Pay by fate. May be dangerous anomalies from Warp. but no mission timer please.