aether blade major texture bug ps4


The texture on aether blade are really weird, they seem unfinished and  they change automatically if you use a gun or a rod in right hand, they also look different when you look at them in inventory or directly in game.

This issue  affect 100% of the aether blade i have encountered  and this is really annoying i want a cool looking blade not these things so please fix it !

I hope  you will finally nail all these issues with the next patch because your game is really good and just deserve a little more polish to be fantastic.

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aether blade major texture bug ps4
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4 years 62 days ago

The electro-blade(i guess this is the name in english but the one hand blade who look like a scythe) for assassin suffer the same problem than aether blade except the issue seem to touch only the relic  and ancient relic version of the blade.

4 years 63 days ago

Any chance for a patch soon? i really miss playing my psyker and like a lot of peoples in Europe i am stuck at home.

4 years 72 days ago

Awesome, this was literally my last problem with the game so next patch, it's time to dive into prophecy.

Thank for the answer and keep up the good work !

4 years 72 days ago
Thank a lot, this has indeed fix my issue with the warp anomaly.
4 years 74 days ago

The Aether Blade fix will be included in the next patch.

Thanks for the additional report!

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4 years 74 days ago

Warp Anomaly visual glitch: has been introduced through the new "Frame blending" feature in graphics options which is on by default. if you turn if off  the problem is gone. I had never Problems on PS4 Pro with screen tearing and after the new feature fiery aura around psyker looked not as smooth anymore when  running. So if you had no frame issues before the patch just switch "Frame blending" off again for improve responsiveness.

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4 years 75 days ago

Aether blade issue still not fix sadly and one of the warp anomaly, i guess the one who look like a column of light normally is visually completely broken now the column is flickering and pure white with no texture at all.

I hope these issues will be fix soon but otherwise the last patch is a bless !

4 years 79 days ago
One of these teleports could be found and we will try to track down the two remaining teleports. Thanks again for your report!
4 years 90 days ago

The beacons teleport me in the small zone where the villain is but i am teleport right back in front of the beacon or close to it in less than one second without doing nothing (sorry i don't know how i can be more clear in english)

Anyway thanks a lot for the reassuring answers.

4 years 90 days ago

The Relic Hunter will be more easily doable after the release of the next patch which introduces the Ebony VC. Later Ecru follows it and in these missions you will be able to run into Reliquaries quite often! The Heroic Deeds' descriptions will get corrected as well. 20 is the requirement now.

Bane of the Warp Spawn: the requirement will be lowered to 100 to make it more easily doable.

Where do these beacons teleport you exactly? 

4 years 90 days ago
Nice to hear but i hope he won't take too long.

And i have discover another major bug introduce with the last patch,it seem the teleport  who lead to villain enemies are broken, i have encounter 3 of these teleport  so far and all of them instantly teleport me back when i take them instead of let me explore the little zone where the villain is.

The heroic deed,relic hunter is still impossible to do the tool tip they find 20 reliquary chest ,requirement still say 50 but even  if you ask for one chest this change absolutely nothing because in one year i have NEVER seen a chest who spawn a demon and the last patch doesn't seem to help at all,so please be sure checking and fix this issue,i am beyond tired of waiting for doing this heroic deed...

The heroic deed, bane of the warp-spawn while not broken is still a real pain to do when he seem you have make it a lot easier to do on pc.

4 years 91 days ago
I checked the status of the issue and it was fixed just recently on our end so one of the following patches will include the changes!
4 years 93 days ago

Can we hope for this issue to be finally fix very soon? if you have find the issue it is hard to understand why is still not fix.

And the heroic deed, relic hunter seem still broken by the way.

I really support your game because is good and i have wait patiently many months for the last patch but  i really hope i don't have to wait another 6 months for seeing these issues to be fix...

4 years 97 days ago
Sadly this issue is still not fix....
4 years 135 days ago
Yes, it definitely helped and we could find the issue already. Thank you!
4 years 136 days ago
First sorry for my english i will try to keep things simple.

So let say i have an aether blade in one hand and a rod in the other hand if i equip a gun instead of the rod the aether blade instantly become all white with weird texture,the blade revert back if i use a rod again.

The others issues i have are if i try to change the skin of my aether blade in the appearance change menu  they seem to have only one skin  unlike every others weapons and armors i have seen so far who always have 3 different skin.

Also when i change the colours of the blade they still seem to miss texture and even worse the change of colours only work in the inventory menu when i look at the blade directly on my character in the command room or during missions the aether blade is always white with weird texture.

i hope that help you a little more with the issue.

4 years 136 days ago
We will check this out but could you please elaborate how you meant they change if you wield a gun in the off-hand?