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An AMD FX-8350 in combination with a NVIDIA 1070GTX causes bottlenecking , the result very low fps.

Fps in battles at 20 at medium settings with everthing else turned off. I dont know if anybody can do something about it but i mentioned it in case if somebody can.

I also overclock my cpu to 4.5 Ghz and still got this problem.

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6 years 259 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Thanks for your concerns about my troubles but as it is i know it IS still an alpha and by the speed the game progresses iam asure it will get better very soon ( or i hope so ). 

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6 years 259 days ago

(sorry brother this is for OP but replied to wrong person)

At present I have an inferior GPU to yourself (RX480) But I tend to have similar performance on max settings. Occasional drops to 18-20 (this is while not recording) when in the largest rooms.

In an attempt to understand things better i've asked at least 20 different players with different hardware combinations for their FPS ranges and even after a recent graphics pipeline update the game is still incredibly CPU bound. But not clock speed.

Currently I simply can't process a youtube video while playing martyr. The process takes about 3-5 hours. But while playing Diablo 3, I happily does it in the background in about 15 minutes. (Using a Ryzen) It simply eats up every single core I have.

What i'd take from this is that it's undoubtedly your CPU acting as your current bottleneck but could potentially change as optimisation will / should slowly load more onto the GPU - Or so i'm told! The reason for the OC not helping i'd presume is simply because right now core count > clock speed. 

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6 years 261 days ago

I already clocked it back to normal ^^ , but i got


MSI Gaming 1070 GTX 8 GB

16 GB Croshair Vengence 1866Mhz

500 GB SSD

Win 7 Sp1

My Temps in the Summer is 55 C° - 60 C° in the Winter 40 C° - 50 C°.

In my region it has actually 38 C° air temperture.

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6 years 261 days ago

What're your temps getting to in-game on that CPU? I've got a chip in the same series and a higher-end budget GPU and outside of moments of physics spam I don't have a framerate that low, I usually hover around 40 FPS (which is fine, my eyes are bad and I don't generally notice anything in the gap between 30-40 FPS and 120 FPS), but I have a monster of a cooler on my CPU and the Twin Frozr heatsink on my card, so I generally don't break 45c and 70c respectively...

But at overclocking a 4.0 octocore to 4.5 is gonna raise your temps significantly, and depending on your setup that can stray into the "I am so hot I am running poorly now" region.

How much RAM are you running, and what OS are you using?