Boss Raid battle


It was a pretty cool Boss battle from Unsavoury Business event! want to see such missions for Co-op on the star map more often. Weekly Boss Raid battle 5+ 7+ level missions or something. Various bosses (Dark Knight, Demon host, some bosses from story maybe). Cost battle 50 Fate for example and good loot on mission success.

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Boss Raid battle
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50 days ago
Yeah, it can appear here in there in random Starmap missions. Can be a nice challenge. It the meantime our team started to think about your idea, we will consider it!:)
51 days ago

im not sure is it bug or feature, but i found demonhost again on starmap in random missions (Purge type mission).
Please DO NOT delete this mission from starmap! its very rare and very cool mission. this brings additional variety to the gameplay.


51 days ago
Baron was a really tough individual indeed and bringing him back as a tough challenge doesn't sound bad. I will discuss this with our team!