This is part 100 of mostly the same thread Snakefist posts repeatably. It's highly relevant, though!

Itemization now:

Relics trump Purple (found) which trump or are similar to Purple (crafted) which trump Green which trump Blue which trump Regular.

Blue is better in every way (stats, att/def, rolls) than Regular; both are worse in every way to Green. Both are instantly salvaged or sold, greens are worth a look, if nothing (and depending on situation, mostly current PL-item quality).

If someone took a time to look here:

...which Snakefist doesn't expect to happen anyway, than he would found a trove of ancient wisdom, where:

Blue can have higher stats (or affixes) than Yellows. It make them situational, but not instant-rubbish. Even lategame it's sometimes worthy to browse items found (or shop) for Blues with max rolls. Rares have more affixes, are generally better than Blues due to this, and sometimes better than Unique/Set, due to weird and lucky affixes and rolls. High level Uniques, Runewords and some Set parts (not whole, though) tend to be the best - but less powerful ones can be beaten with a lucky Rare.

Itemization Diablo2:

Unique/Runewords/Set beat most, not everything; Rares could be best in slot, and also could role inferior to Blue; Blues are mostly the least powerful, but *could* have a very lucky roll, such was The Precious - two max rolls on Blue - bigger than Rare could do, by a meaningful number - 20-30% in that case; none of the Set/Unique had both and there is no room for runecrafting on jewlery.


It is time to have BETTER itemization than we had 17 years ago, and VH made a progress through years, and Mighty Snakefist suggests inherent quality disadvantage on Blues to be turn into *advantage* over Greens, making them somewhat viable and not universally worse and immediately sell/salvage.

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6 years 268 days ago

With a complete overhaul of power level and item structure due tomorrow - it'll be interesting to see how the system differs from the current. 

6 years 268 days ago