Big Bad Guys die during cutscene


I have a character with a Heat Aura and an Enrage shock Aura + 6-psalm Shock doctrine. Playing on Normal, when I enter the final cutscene in the last mission of Awakenings (after destroying the Anchor Machines and defending Caius Thorn), the bad guy who comes through the warp gate dies during the cutscene frm my Aura damage. This makes the cutscene not work, as the guy isn't alive to say his lines.

Suggestion: No-one should take damage during cutscenes.

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Big Bad Guys die during cutscene
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6 days ago
Marco. Thx for fixing. But I believe for the most part, this is just fun. Not a bad experience, at all.

I just had a good laugh of it.

6 days ago
We will fix this in the shortest time possible. Hopefully by early October via a new patch. Sorry for the bad experience. 
7 days ago
Now Inquisitor, let us... Uurggh... now see who is the true Champion Aagghhh... here, and how DARE... Hhhnnkch... you challenge me... Ggkkrrkhhlllllaagghhhhh... and even though he/she is totally down he/she continues to speak.

I´m just getting a good laugh of it, every time it happens. Lol.

But what am I supposed to do? Cry?

8 days ago

I just killed the Harlequin in a Cutscene in the mission Crown of Emptiness. This was at +1 difficulty. Ridiculous.

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13 days ago