Beta Bug Report (0.8.2b)


I want to report some bugs that i came across while testing out some different Characters and Builds

Psyker related bugs:

Psyker Buff (Warp Speed) overhead Symbol tremble/shake (when moving). I'm not sure if that's the only buff that has this because i didn't used any other buffs that have a overhead symbol

Assasin related bugs:

Tooltip from Arcblades (1 handed Sickle-like weapons): The left click "Bladestorm" is saying "Singletarget" in its description twice (first and last tag)

When switching to Arc Blades (Dual) tooltips for "1" and "2" is showing cooldown (the black shadow that rotates in the Skill Symbol) but you can use both skill immediately.

I tested out some other weapon variations and combinations but didn't find any other weapons that seem to have the same issue

Campaign/Story Mission related bugs:

Some Story missions from "Machine Spirit" onward cant be access by clicking "travel to next mission button" (every few missions can be access by that feature, but not all)

Campaign mission reward doesn't change when you choose other difficulty.(I tested out if its just the tooltip before you start the mission or if you really don't get more reward)

General Map bugs:

Sometimes the Minimap/Mapoverlay is "shifted" (mostly story/tarot missions). The shown map seems to be correct somehow, but the position of the player is somehow shifted.

On many maps terrain no texture beneath it when destroyed (mostly on industrial like maps).

Tarot missions:

Many tarot missions crash when the loading screen is finished. (i don't have enough Fate to test out more or which specific missions cause it)


Many animations are in "slowmotion" or seem to have extreme low fps. Like skill affect or enemy death animation. Even tho the game itself don't seem to have low fps or is lagging at that moment.


Some(not all but most) Outcast Ravager stare at you without any animation and a green laserbeam pointing at you(after some time they begin to use usual animations and shoot at you, but you can kill them before they do that.

Many enemies can shoot through walls (destructible objects). Worst example that i realized all the time are guiding rockets from Servoskulls and turrets.

Heroic Deeds:

A lot of the Heroic Deeds don't give any reward(especially the ones that unlock Perks and those Perks don't even exist in the Perk Selection)

And many Heroic Deeds that say they grant for example Attribute Points granted something else instead or on top of what is listed (Skill Point)

I have one particular example: "Unleash the Empyrean" Deal 500.000 Warp Damage gives 1 Force Attribute Point(that is listed correctly) but it also gives 1 Skill Point on top of that i don't know if that's intended but i think i already got some other Heroic Deeds where i didn't pay too much attention that unlocked Stuff that is not listed(It should be especially clear listed on the pop-up window and the end of a mission when you return to your Bridge what exactly you have unlocked)


This is very minor and i don't know if that's intended: If Alarm Beacon is destroyed after it has reached 100% already the character still uses the dialog for destroying it. Something like "Finally, silence"/"Soothing sound of Silence"


While playing "border-less window" bringing martyr in the background causes black flickering (its just present as long as martyr stays in the background, so when you tab into game again there are no issues

I will try to update this over the next week when i have some more time to test.

But all in all i am really excited for the release. Keep on the good work guys at Neocore!

Greetings from Germany

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Beta Bug Report (0.8.2b)
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