Balance issue


Ok i got to 1053 gear, can finaly do the dark eldar mission to save the govenor on 'easy' as doing Tarot missions etc is barely rewarding, or are store items helping much, to raise my gs to normal requirements. I play solo, and am seeing a huge increase of mobs especialy miniboss and boss, vs lil ol me. Espescially on this mission their are so many that i cant clear the barricade (due to mini and boss) that i fail everytime, to clear it in time. IMHO this needs to be more balanced for solo players, i ended up giveing up last night over frustration. This is the first time i experienced this with my assassin since i started the game on normal.

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Balance issue
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3 years 285 days ago

I'm already fighting in 40th battle in the warzone. Alone. the default missions is very easy for me. review your skills or change weapons.

3 years 288 days ago
When you make a post about how missions need to be balanced for solo players and barely rewarding missions, you are giving off that impression to people. That first round of addon missions are for people who at the time were 40+ and most likely 1300+ and thats being conservative. 

The relics you have gotten that arent better... did you fuse them up to their max rating? Power rating is king until you have relics you modify. I dont care if your purple has perfect stats. A fused up relic with twice the power rating and garbage stats is still better while leveling. The 3% damage bonus or crit doesnt cover the 20% damage penalty from power rating. 

3 years 288 days ago
Thx i will keep working in the Tarot missions. Im running Assassin/sniper ranged emphasis, single target, critical line.
3 years 288 days ago
I'm almost 2000. All relic gear and craft a lot of relic gear to make me op. I still occasionally rage quit over a boss that regens to quick and I am not willing to spend an hour running back and forth lobbing grenades and switching weapons. You may want to let us know your build so we can offer some constructive criticism? But first gear up.
3 years 288 days ago
Wow, ok thank's for shareing your opinion of what i will and wont work for very constructive.  FYI i have been running tarot non stop with cards i have available and not seen more then 3 relics all except 1 were worse then what i had equipped. 

Any way thanks for that very imformative advice etc.

3 years 288 days ago
There is nothing wrong with the balance of the missions. The problem is that you don't want to do the work of running the "barely rewarding" tarot missions to get some relic items that will boost your rating and make the missions easier for you. Being a solo player has nothing to do with it. We all solo our way through the story and honestly, mostly solo tarot missions for relic gear. Grouping has little to no impact on your ability to get your character geared.