Badges of Honor


Would be nice to have a Panel that would keep up with the Events and major accomplishments of the Inquisitor. Like Purity Seals, or badges,..As if a written account of what you've done in the game. Would be tied to your Profile Picture as like its own panel or a button that brings up the window. Current Leader board Stats for that person, the list could go on for things to put on the panel to "Glorify" that person. These badges or seals should reflect that persons level of commitment, like for "Ultranice"(#1EventLeader) his Badge for the event should look much more Venerable then the Completion badge. Or the top 10, 100...Whatever the case. Certain milestones in the game could reward these as well, giving you a sense of accomplishment after a large story quest, something the journal kinda does.  

Then as a cool feature, said purity seals, or badges could be displayed on the inquisitor. Say 1 or 2 spots on the Model to place them for coolness factor. But this would take much more time, so its just a side-note.

I feel like this would make you feel more part of the grander scheme, not like achievement hunting, but building your story with-in the game-world.

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Badges of Honor
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5 years 279 days ago
Can see some of this be done and wish to see some kind of this BEING done, but Glorifying too much can also be a bad idea doing.