Audio output selection and more



The game encounters some problems to select the right audio output when I use my dac (connected via USB) and cannot initialize it sometimes. Otherwise, for every outputs, there's a "toc" noise when I launch it.

In game : enemies can shoot through walls, set bonus act as negative ones (for example +8 movement speed becomes -8 for sure).

I don't know if that"s normal and intended but it's impossible to move while using melee weapons and we have to be really close to hit mobs.

Why enemies grenades and other ranged attacks can reach us even if we are running away....?

Some invisible obstacle too.

Since last patch, some enemies can go and hide through some elements  and impossible to shoot explosive tanks .

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Audio output selection and more
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4 years 118 days ago

Today, I always have the problem with dac and the game makes my PC crashed on launch.