Audio bug


Description: When deploying the gun with all audio settings set to 0 has no effect on the sound that sentry gun makes when it's deployed. Other armor types (assault and demolition) do properly mute (I checked). The bug doesn't appear to be dependent on the quality or pattern type (Tried with purple Scythe armor and yellow Thule armor).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Make sure your sound is on at least 20% through Audio panel from the Options menu

1. Equip Sentinel Armor

2. Join or create a game

3. Deploy Tarantula Sentry

4. Exit game

5. Mute all sounds through the Audio panel from the Options menu

6. Join or start an instance

7. Deploy the Tarantula Sentry

Expected result: Deployment noise of sentry gun should be inaudible

Actual result: Sentry gun deployment sound is still present

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Audio bug
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7 years 98 days ago
Thanks for the detailed report, I have added this to our buglist so we can fix it ASAP.