Assault armour style


In the beta the assault armour looked rather bulky - in a good way. The current style is weird to say the least, looks like light armour with a jetpack attached to it. 

Any chance to bring back the manly style?

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Assault armour style
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2 years 221 days ago

I agree!

Assault Armor arguably is *the* most melee-oriented armor of the three, with the Jump Jet skill reminiscent of the Assault Marines from Dawn of War -- they jump in, thereby doing AoE dmg, and then out come the chainswords or even huge 2H weapons.

The Jump Jet ability is clearly meant for jumping right into groups of enemies, and thus the armor simply must look heavily armored, heavy duty, in short: it must look like a proper Power Armor that any Astartes would be proud to wear... so basically like the Turret armor, or at least in the same spirit as that one.

Instead all of the Jump Jet-armors I've seen so far ranged from "Why is a front line tank guy wearing robes" to "What the hell, did he pull a toilet over his head and called it armor?!"... on the other hand the turret and missiles-armors look mostly awesome, and more importantly, so far all of those i've seen look like proper Power Armor, and not some low budget ripoff.