AoE. Whats up with that?


So I love this game so far even if its rough around the edges. Playing a Psyker and I only ever need one skill: Hemorrage.

Its supposed to be an AoE damage over time but it one shots every enemy regardless if its basic or armoured. Killing villains in a few seconds without any problems. The more enemies it hits the more damage it does. Earlier I did a tarot mission at power level 950 ish, took a helbrute boss down to 50% with one hit of Hemorrage. I've been hearing AoE attacks from flamethrowers and such also do crazy damage.

Feels like something is unbalanced there, its making every single map completely trivial. I'm breezing through +200 extreme missions. AoE damage over time skills shouldn't be so powerful I think.

So.. whats up with that? 

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AoE. Whats up with that?
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4 years 176 days ago

The "Optimal Dispersion" skill is bugged and i am sure they fix it soon.

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4 years 177 days ago
Pham Nuwen
I think thats what i like about Martyr it doesnt try to follow the OP 1 shot madness the other ARPGs are all about. Its boring to me.
4 years 177 days ago
Well, it seems to really do a bit more damage than it says, but it's got a base 10s cd and does half of its dmg as a dot over 5s, so well...

On the other hand, I did a tarot mission on impossible difficulty and there I onehitted a chaos marine with my, considering that, hemorrage looks pretty balanced to me. :D

4 years 177 days ago
Shhh, just let me enjoy it.  It's the only thing giving this game any normal sense of ARPG OPness and I'm afraid of what's going to happen when it's nerfed.