Any plans to expand the main starmap at some point?


Will the main game ever be expanded again?

There are 8 locked Subsectors on the starmap, 7 of them with a question mark. They're not used for anything.

While I enjoy the occasional event, like the current one, I don't care for seasons.

And the extra sectors could easily be used to expand the main campaign and thereby introduce the still missing factions. 

1. A developing Orc Waagh, where the ultimate goal is to kill the warboss to end it <- brings in Orcs

2. A new pleasure cult arises with the goal of summoning a powerful Keeper of Secrets <- brings in Slaaneshi Demons and the Emperor's Children

3. Something similar with Tzeentchian forces to bring in the Thousand Sons, with Ariman being the big bad

4. A failed experimental warp jump brought a Tau force into the Sector. The Inquisitor must prevent them from establishing a foothold by killing the Commander and the Etheral leading them <- brings in the Tau

5. In the outermost sector, a Tomb world was discovered. An attack by Orc looters has awoken the Necrons in there and now they're about to rampage across the sector. The inquisitor must end that threat by destroying the Necron overlord <- brings in Necrons

It kinda writes itself ^^

So, any comments? Would be great to hear from a developer

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Any plans to expand the main starmap at some point?
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4 days ago
Brother Kundari
Well, even if development took a long time, at least they should tell us if they are working on it at all.

What I see regarding progress in the game is just new seasons, which I don't play and the occasional events which I do play until I have the full rewards.

45 days ago
The Sectors was origianlly used for opening new Sectors, Races and Missions, etc.. If not, likely the Dark Eldar and some Chaos would still not be a reality.

You may call them slow, but as far as I know they have had another game developing at the same time, which has just released from early access release. And developing games like this, do take time.

I do know that Neocore sometimes do spend a bit long time on projects, and yes sometimes frustratingly long, but I do also know that when Neocore go for it, they sometimes go big. And I rather have a finished project that has been properly polished/worked on rather then rushed. So I still have the belief in that one day it is coming. I too want to see Slaanesh and Tzeentch one day, and then Orks, and of course the Necrons, and let´s not forget the Tau, and even a few others.

But developing, manpower and such all costs money and that is not soemthing you can snap your fingers with always and get. But i do know Neocoregames deserves kudos when it comes to Updates and Fixes. Ok, perhaps apart from a few, but still. Lot more then many other companies can certainly brag of.

One thing I also is very grateful of, is the fact that Neocore is not ruled over by the company called Tencent. 

53 days ago
I was about to ask something similar myself and all are really valid. I'd love to see the inclusion of the remaining Chaos Forces.

For me, a worthy addition to OP's list would be a set of unique War Zones. Perhaps not as long as the current 110 missions but just enough so that it ramps up evenly where it introduces different aspects of each faction - like with the Necrons as they awaken and activate bronze, silver, gold, and platinum nodal command structures.

From there, new mission types and special mission modes could be introduced.

53 days ago
Funny thing, I just logged in to start a post asking Neocore if they could remove the locked sectors if they are never going to use them.

Its a good game but they do tend to leave odd redundant bits in while adding season content, DLC ect.

Obviously it would be great if they did use the sectors - but since these locked sectors have been there since release - is it not time to remove them?

Please Neocore.

75 days ago

Expanding the Starmap - with all that it implies - would be amazing. I truly hope we see a Prophecy-caliber expansion in the future, though I wouldn't get my hopes up. Story-wise, Necrons are a great fit, and gameplay wise, Orks are a must. So option 5 it is :)

Also, the Starmap itself should be  more useful (more mission types as in Void Crusades, more mixed mission levels so that you get appropriate ones relative to your own level on ALL systems, special Starmap-exclusive activities, etc.).