Ancient Relic Innoculator


A level 52 ancient relic inoculated dropped with one yellow skill (component slot) and three green skills/slots. The main/ancient enchantment cannot only be unlocked with 20k heals with inoculator (“Heal HP by using the inoculator |0/20000|“). Because the inoculator has no healing/red slots available, I cannot unlock the ancient enchantment. Any chance you can swap this item or give me a similar one? More importantly, this seems like a bug that needs to be fixed (If roll Heal unlock, then +1 Red slot)..

Thanks! I’m loving this game!!!

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Ancient Relic Innoculator
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5 hours ago
I've just gotten an ancient relic inoculator on my tech-adept which has a unlock requirement of execute enemies. Which.. isn't possible with my character class. 
36 days ago
Please contact us at [email protected] and provide us your account details. We would like to check that item. Thanks in advance.