An option to turn off the shield bubble?


hellooo. first of all I wanted to start by saying thank you for such caring developers. I never seen any game company devotes its time to its player base like you guys do. I file a complaint you always answer me in due time so even if its not adressed right away I can tell you're listening to us and I really appreciate it. buuuuuut :) I really dislike how the shield bubble looks in this game and I especially avoid using them for that very reason. but sometimes you still get a shield with doctrines etc. I know its not exactly an emergency but can we have an option to turn this off please? its kinda all shiny and hurts my eyes.

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An option to turn off the shield bubble?
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285 days ago
Yeah it's not that big a deal, you certainly do have lots of other things you need to sort out
285 days ago
Not that I want to belittle this issue but there are higher priority issues demanding our attention at the moment. I will write this up so we will talk about a possible change but I cannot guarantee anything at the moment.
286 days ago

I also don't like suing shields purely because of how they look. It seems to flicker when I move too, like it's not refreshing at the same rate as the player.

A little graphical redesign of this effect would be nice, like an outline shimmer or distortion around the player rather than a giant glowing egg.

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