An analysis of the Weapon system


Because i'm a better talker than typer (articulates my thoughts better) I put together an analysis of the strengths the current weapon system brings to the game and why I think the devs need to keep it untouched. For anyone that's interested. 

- Not sure if this forum is the best place for this but hoped it might spark a few discussion points regarding what people feel about the system and any changes they might suggest.

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An analysis of the Weapon system
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7 years 102 days ago
The key challenge I see is that there won't be so many utility skills - the ability to increase movement speed on demand, or defence, or attack, or whatever. Having the "ultimates" linked to armour is, I guess ok, but I'm not sold on them yet. 

I equipped the demolition armour and now really miss the jump pack. But the demolisher armour was so much better statwise that my existing armour the choice was obvious. 

That troubles me with the weak passive trees so far, providing miniscule / small bonuses. I do like that stats come from achieves, which provides longevity and progress longer term.

Some variety in terms of skills on types of weapons might help. Say, Chainswords can have up to 2 skills, from a pool of 3 or 4? 

Combined with some kind of crafting and customization system, you could then perhaps choose / change a skill?