Allow sprint using suppression resistance


Why not add the possibity to have a "sprint" (or any visual representation of a speed boost) that would consume some suppression resistance?

The need of a sprint is mainly (as of now) for backtracking in nearly empty hallways. And the need is real (particularly with a character using heavy weapons).

Consuming suppression resistance would prevent to abuse the sprint, introduce a risk if we encounter unexpected ennemies (surprise respawn) and prevent us to use it during a fight or to cross rooms that are not cleared in order to rush to the objective.

But I don't know the lore enough to tell if the W40K won't hate me for such a suggestion. :/

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Allow sprint using suppression resistance
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2 years 11 hours ago

+1 from me for the suggestion.

What kind of resource (be it stamina, suppression resistance, or what ever) is about to debate, but the game would only benefit of a sprint function.

@Megapull Maybe add "evading" too on your list? 

2 years 12 hours ago
It is already written up in our suggestion section, but currently it would be pretty hard to implement a mechanic like that with the balance and mostly everything up in the air right now. Will keep an eye on the idea though.
2 years 21 hours ago
Excellent suggestion brother! Suppression should only be triggered if a characters meter is low and is then fired upon, it shouldn't trigger as a result of the bar getting low without being in combat. If he's running on red and then comes under attack the suppression indicator and relevant penalties should then come into effect. I hope that makes sense!
2 years 21 hours ago
This is a great idea.

2 years 21 hours ago
i also agree. d2 had sprint with a stamina meter, so its not unheard of at all. might be neat to use with melee characters or tactically as well.
2 years 22 hours ago
you sir are brilliant!