new weapon thoughts.


And i think you whil be increse arsenal in time, steel i think its no harm to mention ather fun tool to delth whith heretics. 

Like: psyckostroke grenades(make random effects frome "non" to make enemys atack themselves), rad grenades(reduse max ammout of HP), psy grenades extrem demege to psycers and demons. Psy bolter munition (posibly as a weapon for hi level players  - same bolter(hevy bolter,autocanon, autogun, shutgun e.t.c. ) weapon whith psychic tempered and charged munition  whith signifintly incresed damage).

Psy cannon - salwo hi speed and armor penetretion heavy weapon.

Incenirator - imposble powerful flame trower. there is can be upgrede or modification of the weapon whith holly prometium(incresed damege). 

conversion beamer will be fun too - it have small damege frome near distens and almost ultimate on a far... probably it will have a sence to instal it on some armor. 

And yes simple grenade luncher whith drum magazin will be extreem fun too.XD

there is of cource a lot ather weapon i codexes and w40k background.

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new weapon thoughts.
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7 years 149 days ago
Keep the weapons in the WH40k, psi ammo is beeing used by the grey knights for battling deamons, but are almost completely useless against mutants, chaos marines and such, Shadowsfm his suggestions sounds very nice though never seen a power flail in wh40k, digi weapons would also be nice (though they are extremely rare)
7 years 152 days ago

power fist, power maul, lighting claws, power flail,  eviscerator, storm bolter, stalker bolter, needler, autocannon, lascannon, grenade launcher