All about contrast


Loving the game thus far, little bugs & hiccups aside. I understand the early stage of development, etc so I figured I'd mention this now... I have one major "design" complaint when I play the game & that is the lack of visual contrast between the models & the environment. I understand the "drab" colour choices, etc, but I think that there needs to be a some more work done so that models (player & enemy) don't just visually blend in! It makes being able to see what is happening a lot harder & a lot less enjoyable. Having now played as both of the current classes with a variety of loadouts I find this is a problem regardless of how I suit up my characters.

I understand this could just be a personal preference & I have avoided commenting on it until now. 

Keep up the nifty work! I am otherwise very much enjoying the game & looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!

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All about contrast
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3 years 171 days ago
Thanks for your feedback, I have added this to our request section! :)