After playing a few hours into the campaign this new ( final ) patch


So after a long pause I updated the game to see whats new. Overall I think it's ok improvement. Still not sure if it'll be enough but time will tell.

I'm not adressing the bugs but the gameplay.

- Battleshouts ( voice )

sometimes can be cool but more often its cringy and speaking of it - too often. maybe link the short audios to something happening instead of random on click. like when you get massacre bonus or nearly escaped death etc.

- skull traps

disabling them with melee sometimes is just impossible. you either accidently walk into it because the swing animation demanded it or you dont hit etc. very frustrating because i clearly see them but mechanics make it hard to disable it.

- rescue/ protect missions

no fun. at least for me it isnt. the vip are so puny and unpredictable. story related mission in the beginning. everything is fine then all out of a sudden mission failed. dont even know what killed it. everything on my screen and map was dead yet still vip managed to die instantly. another vip mission the guy ran up from behind into the mess of mobs and instantly died. no way to prevent it.

protection mission similar. either its just nothing waiting and guessing where enemies may spawn or they are all over the place. like story mission with 5 waves 5th wave almost clear- enemy bar very low run arround in circles a minute wondering if its a mob stuck all out of a sudden horde is at the guy i should protect 3 hitting him down. definately not fun re doing the whole lengthy mission again plus the super fun 5 waves of clunky hold the position shenanigans..

give those defending objects/ persons a ton of hitpoints. after all what can you do if mobs insta aggro on them. there is no taunting just being there before they reach the spot. kind of hard to do with random teleports...

- the unlocking of skill trees

i honestly do not see the point here. correct me if i am wrong here - from what i understand is that once game is live skill points are permanent and not easily changeable?! so for certain combinations i have to like wait and grind through without spending them? like i said not sure why. so it feels more rewarding once i finally grinded through?

- the lack of a test room

it's mentioned alot of times during alpha. some place where you can test loadouts.. its easily done : a map somewhere in the solar system you can call it like abandonded outpost or w/e similar the martyr is handled with only one room and a never dying object in the middle. finished. i can experiment and test.

- map / fow(ish)

yeah it's in space - let us see enemy dots in a bigger radius and also in rooms ahead - also largen the unvisited map size so its less likely having to walk back a long way because you thought thered be a connection on the map further up but there wasnt... it happens quite often and overall its not a very fast paced game in the first place - running back empty halls is hell. 20 seconds feel like 5 minutes. exagerated to show point. there is highly advanced tech everywhere so like double the size shouldnt be an issue and its avoided.

so yeah these are the negative things i experienced so far. not much to say about the positive things so even if its a negative revue i dont see the whole game as bad. i just felt like giving my opinion on a few things i really didnt enjoy and would be easy to fix in my amateur consumer view.


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After playing a few hours into the campaign this new ( final ) patch
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