After almost a month


Hello everyone, First I want thank Neocoregames For this game, I love it really i always wanted a game like that in the warmer 40k universe. And I could easily go fan boy on it and write a wall of text of everything I love in the game because it's a lot. But because i really want this game to become something big and successful I will not. 

First and most important if you want this game to be successful DO NOT release it Q1, take more time. Because unless you give us a really old version of the game, it's not ready at all for a full release and will need more than just a month for fix all what it need. Don't forget many good game fail because they were release too soon.

Now let's see in more detail what need to be fix/rework.

 - the movement and the targeting system : I'm not a developer but is really not smooth at all, the movement are often sloppy and get stuck or take really long way for go where you want. The target system is really horrible, first is really hard to keep your target when it's a pack of npc. 

When I target a npc the weapon behaviour is really weird. Often it will shoot the ground (with sometimes even in a different direction) if the npc are on lower or upper position compare to me most of the time it can not shoot or if it shoot I can't touch them. So I guess the guns can shoot only in straight line with no verticality (expect in really rare time it works). 

- Guns

 Now that would take a long post just for that so I will be short. First problem is pistol are always more powerful than the rifle or heavy guns. Second the way the game manage the spread on some guns (all the bolter line and some others) is weird because it damage only the npc you target. And again the way the targeting system work don't make the gun play smooth.

 - Gears in genera :

So I don't want you think I don't like the guns and armor in the game, because they are really great and some sound for the guns are amazing (expect for all the plasma line the sound is horrible). But all the visual for the gear are too shiny to new, lack of details. That content is acceptable for a beta but for a game fully release it's really not that much. So for the gears just want point out 2 little detail I find in the game :        

 - first the problem with the comparison when hoover a new gun or signum. If I have 2 pistols and andwith the signum hoovering them compare the new item only with one of them        

- Second about the fusion, first please let us fuse any kind of quality item, with a lower rate when fuse a higher quality with lower quality. Also, the fusion with pistol don't work. I had a relic pistol at 127pr when I fuse it with other relic it becomes a 120pr.

 -class and skill tree : Really nothing amazing here, just 3 class, I know that the start of the game but that warhammer you can't run out of idea and inspiration. The skill tree are okishnothing to be exited

.- Other things : Stun and knockback ... : some factions like the rebel can stun-lock you so easily and too much often, also give the npc an immune timer to slow stun ... because I can stunlock npc and it gets too easy 

-Npc : just about the rebel make it more diversify because the amount of grenade launcher and ogryn is not fun and make you stun lock all the time. Last time with a sentinel I get about 8 rebel with grenade launcher and 2 of each ogryn that wasn't fun at all. 

Also, some daemons have too much high life regent, specially the one that come with the hellhoundboss.

 Now in more general way, even if I love the game and want it to become something durable and big, It feels sloppy and going to an okish game style. About the gears look it makes me feel something missing, because when I play an arpg I love to get new gears in particular the ones with special look, this game have none of that for now. It totally miss the shiny effect that make people keep playing. 

OK that was really longer that what I plan to write t the start. But I know the game is still in alpha version (more like beta honestly) and I know it will get improved over the time. I love it and I will keep supporting it. But please consider taking a bit more time for give the game a good release and make it something successful. 

Also, a personal wish please in the future consider adding the mechanicum as playable class pleaseeee ;)

 Good luck for all the devs of the game.

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After almost a month
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6 years 91 days ago
Movement and targeting: +1

Gun behaviour: The Heavy Bolter left click skill should be a cone skill. Scrap the idea with less spread all togheter. In the end you have a weapon that behave like you want it and does all the dakka like it should in a 30° or something angle.

Gear visuals: They said there will be options to customise your gear, make it look old or shiney and stuff like that.

Item compairson: If you press shift it shows the other item slot of your active Loadout. (if it''s not shift it's alt or something like that ^^ not 100% sure offline)

Fusion: fusion 1 handed items is bugged like forever. 

Suppression: If you get sunlocked the problem is not the game. YOU did something wrong and should try a different approach or skill setup.

NPC(rebell faction): Every faction ingame is weak and it's shamfull. The only faction you need two braincells to play against are rebells because the interact pretty well. Ogryns destract you from the more dangerous goons who throw nades like they have unlimited ammo and have never missing weapons. If you know what you do it's still a walk in the park to fight against them.

Well nice feedback keep it going :)

6 years 91 days ago

Enemy grenade are another issue: their feedback is bad.

Because of their color and size, they are easily missed when throwned at you.

Once they are at your feet, the main feedback is a countdown using the same font and color than received damage. Countdown is camouflaged by the damages you received.

At least, change at least the countdown font to be red and pulsing.

You can also add a light blinking on the grenade.

If it's too much, you can limit those feedbacks to the tactical view.

But bad feedbacks are bad game design.

Not a fan of the near invisible laser trigger but the design is understandable as it's for traps.

But grenades don't have the same goal.

6 years 91 days ago
Hmm I'm not sure. I have no problem with the granade visibility. I don't want to be rude or anything but is this related with the grapic settings, problems with the eyes or something? I see them as they are thrown, in air and at the floor.  The biggest problems i have are with the nurgle gas mostly in nurgle maps. I stand arround and ask myself where i get damage from and just realize i stand in a green cloud.

Maybe everyone has a weakness. There should be no problem to make nades more visible if more ppl say so. Maybe you write a special feedback about it and see if other people have the same problem. Oh btw what resolution do you play on? Maybe this makes it an issue because I only play at 1920X1080, might change at whatever resolution there may be.

6 years 90 days ago

For the heavy botler i'm agree that what i said on a steam post about weapons, make it area of effect work like a cone and the gun will be great and worth use it. 

You right it was shit for compare with the second item, thank you. 

For the las part about the rebel faction, i'm sorry but i have hard time to find a nice answer to people who assume about how other people play or do, and because you find a way to make it easy doesn't mean the game do it right. 

Let take again the example i give in my first post. In a boss room you have a sentinel, 2 of each ogryn and a about 8-10 rebel with grenade and grenade launcher.

I can tell you i have to way to do it without any trouble :

 -Play sniper  so i kill all without they even start to scratch my suppression bar. 

- play crusader shield melee easy no problem at all. 

( i didn't really play psyker so didn't try with him) 

Now the trouble is when you play other way like simple gun play with pistol rifle heavy ... At this point you can not divide the npc because they are pack together and the agro is link. And even worth if you play short range gun like the multi-melta you can't get close enough for take the agro.  So that mean you are force to kill what is front of you first and that always the ogryn. 

Btw everyone know you have to focus on the rebel before  the ogryn but unless you play sniper or melee its often impossible because of how the guns and targeting work in this game and the fact you play in tiny room and corridor make you unable to get around the ogryn for get the rebels. 

I don't say to make the rebel more easy i say spread more diversity in the rebel npc, make them less spam grenades and also don't pack the ogryn like that. hard game yes, but stunlock stuff its not fun at all. But for now the rebel faction is the only faction that penalize certain gamestyle and award other, witch for an arpg its not good. I find the other faction more balance. But i'm agree with you on one point the other faction is too easy. 

While I'm here some little thing i want add to my review : 

About the fact we can not change gears during the time we are on the map, ok why not, but please give us a kind of training room so we can test guns and build before go on the map. Because for now we force to start a map try it and leave it if the build is not good and that kind of annoying. 

About the grenade i want add too the fact that often even if you try to doge them they can follow you, or if you doge them while they fly towards you no matter how far you go they will damage you ( probably server lag) .

An important point ( at least for me) is the game don't give you any motivation for clear maps. witch is one of the important things in an arpg. In this game you get nothing for killing npc, no experience (at least not enough for make differences and almost no loot. And it miss the satisfaction to see your experience grow while enjoying a good slaughter in such of nice blood bath we can have in this game ( Thank so much for the chainsword btw) So that mean we don't have gain or motivation to take it slow and take time but I get a lot but speed run and go fast.