Cant login


Try to start game, then "Logging in..." and "Can not connect to server"

"Reconnect" and "Exit"

reconnect not work, who can help me?

version 0.7.3b

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Cant login
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6 years 138 days ago

If you have login issues, then please write an email to [email protected], also send your ingame account name if you can. When you have problems with your account, (you can't login for eg.) just write to the support right away, because in this case the solution could differ from other users/accounts. 

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6 years 140 days ago
same problem, cannot login whole day
6 years 141 days ago
They do read it, but I checked and I can get into the game. Not sure why you can't.
6 years 141 days ago
Kane Seere

can i see server status anywhere?

i try to find some info about server maintance, but i cant.

admins read this forum?

6 years 141 days ago
They might be trying to fix the bug I found about power rating not changing when you get better gear.