A lot of bugs. PS4


Ladies and gentlemen.

Purchased the game warhammer 40 000 inquisitor - martyr for PS4.

1. The game is unstable.

2. Bad FPS.

3. Sound disappears.

4. Character goes through walls.

5. Character falls under the texture.

6. The character cannot pass through the destroyed elements.

7. Impassable bug with Ragna.

8.  Bad connection (today).

9. Faulty perks and skills.

10. Poorly operating control on the joystick. (R2+L2)

.....the list is endless.

Nothing gets fixed.

You'll have to correct something? The game came out as ready six months ago, so far - early access level. You can't fix? Start returning the money.

Or you refuse to support the platform PS4?

Screenshots and video sent to you about mail earlier.

Impossible to play.


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A lot of bugs. PS4
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191 days ago

Yes, all these bugs are still in the game.

+ have you ever tested the cathedral? you can run through nearly every wall and after 5 minutes the enemies stop spawning, so you can stand there forever. watch at the ranking (40000+ points)

+ coop is nearly unplayable. you can't use any movement skills, because of all that rubberbanding 

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198 days ago

In any case, the discussion can be closed. Bugs of this level are fixed BEFORE the game is released, not in six months. I think this work will affect the implementation of your next projects. Personally, I will not buy them, so as not to buy another alpha test for the price of the full game and the fixes wait a year. Good luck.

199 days ago

Is it serious? I think you can't fix most of these mistakes. Too deep at the base... It's like rewriting a game.) What for? The game has already sold .

I bought the game in January. And it turns out you have already corrected all the mistakes.))

Don't reach the point of absurdity!

199 days ago

Thanks for the reply.

but... all these bugs - TODAY! I don't know what you were fixing. I can send all available screenshots and videos again - if you are interested.  Or read more forum - everything is there.

Even the settings menu does not work all.  That to discuss the?

"more content"? That's very good. The game itself is very good. BUT the quality!!!

The first game of this quality on the console PS4.

Question - there will be more fixes on PS4?) 


199 days ago

Contrary to what you say:

we fixed most of the problematic perks and skills
are currently optimizing the game so it will be more stable
the controller issues have been fixed a long ago and we hardly ever get feedback long since
The Ragna issue is being fixed almost on a daily basis until we get it entirely solved
we are aware of the sound and texture issues and these will get fixed as well!

We continuously polish the game while creating more content to it and will work hard to handle the remaining issues!

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