A few impressions and bugs


Please note this is just off playing the one mission i did last night before going to bed

So first thing i noticed was the graphical options doesn't seem to work. (which reading through the forum seems to be a known issue)

The star map i can see being very over whelming to new players reminds me of what it was like playing warframe for the first time with no clear direction (this well prob change later with this being alpha and all)

The one mission I played was a purge mission which at first was fun but seemed to drag on and felt really long. Adding markers to the last remaining 10 on the mini map would be handy (let the markers be skulls ) Also crashed after the mission was over.

But so far so good keep up the great work

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A few impressions and bugs
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5 years 141 days ago
Made a note about your feedback, especially the markers when in purge mode.