A few ideas


So, I figured I'd place down some ideas I've been thinking about down here, see if maybe we can get some discussion going around them to see if they are good / could be good / really just wouldn't work. Some seem like they would be "easy enough" (as if anything ever goes easy with code on even a basic level) to do, some are probably more complex and I certainly don't expect to ever really see them in the game at all but would love ot mention them anyways. If I have any new ideas in the future, i know I got this little spot here with which to collect them.

  • Having opponents health bars a different color to indicated they are armored. (Simple and self-explanatory)
  • Having two handed weapons have a slot or two more for their randomized buffs (+%skill tag, +HP, etc) than single handed ones. (Currently, outside of the damage output of the weapon or the specific function that the weapon's attacks, you will always be loosing out on 2+ of the buffs by swapping to the two-hander. Not convinced it's really that impactful in game, but on general perception I feel like it's always a bit of a downer to think "man, I'm loosing these extra 3 buffs from that second item").
  • Giving the Suppression Shield the ability to temporarily become cover to differntiate it from the other shield - given the only difference movewise currently is charge opposed to AoE blast and the cooldown on block, even though the artwork shows them as seemingly different sizes that isn't reflected in the in-game models. (I go back and forth on this one the most - what with permanent unbreakable cover being a bad idea as far as balance, as well as needing disposable shields everytime it would break otherwise. Finding the balance here would be really hard, but there's something about the idea of having a shield the size of a wall held out in front of you and only providing that briefest unknown block when you hit the button unsatisfying. It just seems like the larger shield would be more meant to work as a bulwark to block rounds as opposed to a brief parry).

Now, here's a some things I just haven't quite figured out, but I expect over time might get clarified from either experimenting or just the game getting more fleshed out (or maybe even find out it's just bugs). Also, I guess rather much other things that just aren't so much ideas/suggestions.

   1) If weapon buffs are taken into account on weapon tooltips (for example, is +2.8% all damage reflected in the weapons DPS values tooltips. This is a question mainly because it's hard to distinguish why, when two weapons both have only one + damage bonus of the same type, why one with a lower attack rating has higher DPS values than the one with higher attack rating - and indeed maybe this was just that one weapon being bugged or the likes). I guess it might be nice to have it shown or known in some regard if the values shown are the final numbers or pre-buffed - because up until then I've always assumed those numbers are after all buffs on the weapon, although the more I think about it after that it seems like it would just add up all the damage bonuses from all your gear after the fact.
   2) Whenever customization options come into play (cosmetic), just how elaborate those will be. Will it just be coloring your gear? Will it be the simple "select a weapon to use the display skin" setup we've seen in MMOs? Will the classes be hard-locked to that specific person (all male crusaders, all female assassins)? I would assume this would be a yes, maybe, yes - and honestly the last one is the one I'd care the least about, although considering the amount of inquisitor art out there you can easily sort of find multiple genders of any given category I feel like...even though most the class names are really the retinue so I'm not even sure how they have that one getting planned about. I feel like this one's the easiest one to discuss, as I know I'd love at least an Army Painter -style color capability on my character, if not being able to pick specific armor/weapon skins (within reason, obviously a bolter has to be a bolter) to distinguish my little fellow. Obviosuly I feel that the color bit would be noticable during most gameplay - what with being zoomed out so often - but I can't help but apprecaite how nice some of the things look in that inventory screen.

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A few ideas
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6 years 242 days ago

Having 2 or 3 skill tabs to have builds saved so that time isn't spent tediously unequipping skills only to have to move them to other locations. 

6 years 242 days ago

Nice idea's. I don't play 2*1hr's but can see damage output and skill numbers could be more than 2hr's.