A few Bugs ive noticed


Just a few bugs/notes I've noticed from some play

1) the selection wheel to pick a type of aimed shot is very jittery and often switches seeming at random

2) If you knock enemys back they always stay at the saame level, this can lead to them standing in mid air if they are on a slope or near a ledge.

3) Enemies will explode dramatically even if they die of small ticks of Damage over time, not sure if its a bug but its wierd.

4) Time delay grenades will not explode if you move to far away from them before the timer runs out.

5) the death animations start to slow down or glitch out significantly if you kill a large number of enemies in a short time.

6) Water/sand has graphical errors 

7) chests/ gun turrets may sometimes spawn clipping other objects and when this happens you cannot interact with them.

8) Enemt speed is inconsistant, they can speed up or slow down seemingly at random.

9) The "recon squad in trouble event" sometimes the guardsmen spawn only after you have killed all the enemies or the event may trigger while you are nowhere near it so you just get the popups that they have dies

As a side not the guardsmen are incredibly weak and seem to have the same voice linesd as chaos cultists.

10)Bullgryns do not regenenerate while all other types of ogryns do?

11) gas room traps are obnoxious as there seems to be no way to disarm of bypass them.

12)Enemy engines cna sometimes spawn in rooms there is no concievable way they could have gotten into/ many of the complexes seem to have no way in/out are those poor culitists/rebels/demons trapped?

13) There is no feedback for recieving items from a chest.

14)snipere rifles have the same range as a lasgun?

15) There is little initial information of some key facts for the game, such as that you must complete the "story missions" or "Tarot missions" to level up.

16) objects such as crates or barrels spawned on a slope remain horizontal and do not comform to the slope.

17) stationary guns continue to track you even after the operator has dismounted.

18) the operator of a stationary gun will automatically dismount if you get behind the gun even if you are invisible, are they psychic or something?

19) you cannot target enemies on levels higher than you sometimes and even if you do the aiming is often off.

20) Navigation in ares with raised levels such as the "towers" in the skypad levels is erratic.

Just a few thoughts not compaining it is an excellent game for being in alpha still. :)

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A few Bugs ive noticed
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