3 days of Playing and how I feel about that


I've played this for about 3 days now, I have my character to level 10. I'm enjoying the game, but there's something missing, and I feel like I figured out what it was today. 

At first I thought it was because there's no real customization or changes to my character. There's no new skills, or abilities, or even weapons, really. Once I tried all (honestly just most) of the weapons, and I stopped dying, there hasn't been much incentive to play. 

What's really missing is a goal. I know this game is in Alpha state, but I can't tell what the future holds for my character. I thumbed through the different class/builds/grid-thingy (boring!), but I'd like to see some future skills that adds some bad-assery to my character, if only I slaughter another 1000 guys, and another 10000 after that. Give me reasons to play besides "kill X of these monsters," or "complete X missions." Honestly, we've been there, and done that, and I don't really want to do that anymore. 

I want my guy to get stronger, faster, heavier, cooler, bigger, meaner, tougher as I play. And I want my enemies to get stronger, faster, heavier, cooler, bigger, meaner, tougher, and die in bloodier, more fantastic ways. 

Anyhow, my opinion on current gamestate. I get it, it's alpha, and there's a ton of content missing, but this is the time and place for opinions.

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3 days of Playing and how I feel about that
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7 years 83 days ago

OP is right, but I'm also sure that you spent the majority of your time in game and not here in the community section. There are a lot of topics which are discussing the future goal and direction of the game. And there are also a lot of threads about ideas. And the best part is, these devs are really listening to the community. 

So don't worry, you will get these things.

As far I remember right, one of the devs also mentioned....or maybe it was in one of your vids Hydra :) that they mentioned, that the current state which is playable is containing only about 1% of the actual game. :)

But if you have any specific ideas, feel free to throw it into the community. If it gets a pretty positive feedback, it will be recognised :)

7 years 84 days ago

I would agree that it would be very nice indeed if there was more of a skill tree, like conerstone abilities that gave you new attacks. 

If you specialize in chainswords perhaps you would get access to a special (by whatever name) attack which would let you shred armor. 

The interface certainly has space enough for adding these things..
Attack 1 : LMB
Attack 2 : RMB
Attack 3: 1
Attack 4: 2
"Ultimate" : 3
Grenade: G
Suit ability : 4

Something like that..

7 years 84 days ago

I feel like you may have overlooked the point of having a staged release, we are intentionally testing level 1 gameplay (power level 1) in total there will be roughly 50 perks, 250 skill points etc and a lot of customisation (ish), but remember right now the priority of what we are doing is testing game features and giving feedback on them, all the other fluff is coming don't worry. It's just not priority in terms of testing as first you need a working skeleton :) right now there is no reason to have a goal, you are on the first level - 1% of a game (quoted from the devs)