2.0.0d Bug Listing by Steel


PC version bugs encountered,

  1. Reward bonuses from Tarot cards do not multiply correctly. Example: A mission with a base glory reward of 56 goes up to 102 when adding a +30% to all rewards & +200% to glory reward level 2 'The Crucible' card. Furthermore, adding an additional +20% to all reward level 2 Murder minor Tarot didn't increase the glory reward at all.
  2. Psalm combination 'Nova Psalm + Volkite Psalm + Transonic Psalm' in a 3 socket Power Sword for 'Killing a Shocked enemy creates an explosion causing Shock and dealing damage equal to Damage from the killing blow' doesn't provide the intended combination effect.
  3. Item attributes and psalm codes increasing DOT and/or Poison DOT duration do not increase the duration of poison. In particular, Serpent Strike for a Power Sword. Between a psalm and gear I have +166% DOT duration but the poison from Serpent Strike still lasts 5 seconds.
  4. Uther's Tarot card's are looted as both common and rare items but have the same consumable effect. Note, if you looted a rare version then you continue to only receive the rare version until you consume them all from your inventory.
  5. Minor Arcana Tarot cards Murder and Superstition say to add Hazards which affect enemy Champions but provide Bonuses to Medium enemies instead.
  6. Khorne Goreforge flamer models instantly die when firing upon me when a Force Field is enabled. Flamer damage is typically rapid small amounts of damage but these models literally 1 shot themselves and I don't see a damage indicator and/or damage numbers so I think the force field isn't interacting with their flamers correctly.
  7. Received an Archeotech Eye implant with only 2 enchants and 1 unique ability when the itemisation page explains an archetech item should contain 3-5 enchantments and 1 unique ability.
  8. Void Crusade base XP mission reward does not appear to scale well. 

lvl 86 Void Crusade mission has an XP reward of 1,274.

lvl 87 Void Crusade mission has an XP reward of 1,163.

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2.0.0d Bug Listing by Steel
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5 years 22 days ago

Thanks, almost all of the issues have been acknowledged internally already, will be fixed asap!