Loss of skill points.


Hello, i have a problem with inquisitor martyr ps4 version: upon using a reset skill-tree item the points of my tech adept end up mirroring those of another character of minor level. After trying to redistribute the points i have noticed that the level 100 tech adept with 111 points had lost 17 of those points. The problem is that those 17 are calculated like spent points even if they aren't and because the pg is at level 100 i cannot recommence the levelling up. There's some advice you have to recuperate those points?


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Loss of skill points.
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138 days ago

Hi, we were able to recover the points of OP. Let me try and help you out first

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139 days ago
I also noticed a huge loss of attribute points on my non seasonal character. I will stop playing this game because it's not in a stable form, after all these years to have such fundamental character breaking bugs is... amazing.
139 days ago
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143 days ago

I've send it.

144 days ago

I apologize for that. In that case can you please send me a message here on the webpage? If you navigate to the homepage (by clicking the Neocore icon on the top left, for example), then scroll down until you see this option: "If you have any questions -  Contact Us" a little chat window will open in the bottom right corner. There, click on 'send us a message', and you should be able to send me pictures there as well. Cheers!

144 days ago
Sorry but it says the adress doesn't exist anymore.
146 days ago
yes! Please message me via suppor[email protected] . Cheers!
147 days ago
Sorry but it seems i'm not able to post a photo; there is the posssibility to send it to your e-mail? Can you give me the adress? 
148 days ago

I'm sorry but all I see in our systems is that you have all the skill points that you should. Could you please send me a screenshot of the skill points menu where the issue is visible?
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

152 days ago
I've checked using reset skill-tree item and the problem sussist: the tech adept has no points in any skill-tree but i have only 96 points to distribute and 17 count as distributed.
154 days ago
Hi! Sorry for getting back to you so late. Have the points returned now? In our backend system I can see 111 of them distributed.


156 days ago
The psn account is kesselring9389.
160 days ago
The e-mail is ke[email protected]
161 days ago

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please share with me your psn name, and/or your e-mail address associated with the game?
Thank you!