[BUG] Lost attribute points across all 3 branches


I just noticed that I lost more than 6 attribute points from my crusader character:

  • 3 are definitely missing from Warfare
  • 2 are definitely missing from Toughness
  • 1 or 2 missing from Virtue

I saw discussions from 3-4 years ago reporting this issue. Isn't it supposed to be fixed?

I also need to mention that I did not use any skill resets.

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[BUG] Lost attribute points across all 3 branches
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138 days ago

Hey! Glad to hear the issue got sorted out, though unfortunate it happened in the first place. I'll make sure to emphasize to the devs the annoyance this is causing. Thank you for the report!

139 days ago
Someone on Steam helped me with the solution: taking out a point from a branch immediately fixed the problem and the true attributes values came back.

Devs, fix this issue, maybe next time I won't be so lucky.