[PS4/XboxOne] Announcing the start of Season of the Void Brethren


Season of the Void Brethren is here!



The Caligari sector is beset by a new threat, a newly formed Chaos cult called the Void Brethren. Previously just an inconsequential cabal of void pirate gangs, they have been bestowed upon the blessings of Nurgle, a horrid gift that gives them power beyond mere mortals. With their ships they carry this gift far and wide, absorbing the dregs of the Imperium into their ranks. Other pirate gangs, fledgling cults, criminals and deserters, the Void Brethren grow stronger each day. The Caligari Conclave can ignore them no longer, they must be stamped out before their filth spreads too far.

Inquisitor's 3rd Season introduces brand new seasonal mechanics - make sure to learn them all here to maximize the effectiveness of your purges:

Neither of our previous Season launches lacked new features and balance changes. The same applies for the recently released patch: QoL additions, features and improvements were implemented prior to the start of Season 3. Make sure to check all these changes if you missed them here

The Emperor Protects.

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[PS4/XboxOne] Announcing the start of Season of the Void Brethren
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