The Season of the Void Brethren Buff


"By completing Seasonal Missions, or killing the Contraband Servoskull, you gain the Bounty of the Void Brethren. "

Hi, I'm wondering why I don't get a +1 season buff for every Contraband Servoskull I kill in season missions and other missions ?

Is this a bug or is it by design ?



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The Season of the Void Brethren Buff
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237 days ago
Following on his 5 missions to get 5 stacks, could you guys consider changing the duration of the seasonal buff to 5 missions. 

Having to redo a VB every 2 missions, to keep the 5 stacks up can get tedious, and 3 missions duration is not enough when you factor in how quickly missions are over.

With a 5 mission duration, you can get thru 4 missions before a need to refresh the buff duration by doing another VB, making it less of a chore.
240 days ago
Your character was borrowed, however, there was no issue with it. The buff was gained properly each time after fulfilling the requirements. 

Do you still experience the same bug?

266 days ago
The reason I'm asking this is that when I mess up and die, I have to do 5 season mission in a row to get 5 stacks.

I's quite time consuming since some maps are realy large.



272 days ago

Hi !

Account : Humiz

Character : Armando



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272 days ago
This sounds more like a bug as killing Contraband Servoskulls and completing seasonal missions should grant you the aforementioned bonus. Can you tell me your account and character names? We will check on it.