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Hi all, 

I recently just started playing this game on Xbox. I know in most ARPGs, a common question is sell or salvage. I was curious if anyone has any tips on this topic. Should I be selling certain color items and salvaging others? Selling all? Salvaging all? I'd appreciate any advice you may have to offer. Thanks!

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New Player Question
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334 days ago
Thanks for the tips. I only completed the opening five missions last night, so still around level 6 or 7. Some of this is foreign language to me, but I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go a long. I appreciate the response. Thanks!
334 days ago

Try to  have meme virus active all time (100% extra exp. )

Low level (1-50) = sell blue, green salvage violet. (salvage relic, archeotec you use after you find better gear) .

High level (50-90) = sell blue, green, violet (use tarot card in missions that increase tarot card and intel drop rate. Salvage relic, archeotec you dont use). Complete main campaign. Run void crusades if you can.

End game (90-100) run ONLY void crusades (viridian and amber are the easiest) ALWAYS run missions with VENOM, PERSEVERANCE third card possible MURDER. (upgrade one or two tarot cards at time) Sell all intel missions dont use them (20 mission = 4 mil credits when selling you never run out of money). Farm for ancient relics (run void crusades) sell all crap, salvage relic , archeotec. 

ORDO mssions try to get all 3 them 50 which unlock archeotec relic and blueprints (start with ordo heretic missions you can do 3 in week so it takes long time)