Command Bridge, things missing??


Hi guys,

Im brand new to this game and im loving it... I started playing with 3 different seasonal characters and I have gotten to the point where I have access to the command bridge for all 3.

Now for the one character his command bride has different characters and elements and its confusing the hell out of me.. my two characters have co-op stations and my other character has a pvp station...

i have no idea whats going on here.. are there quests you have to do in order to unlock characters and elements? cause I just created all my characters the standard way... its causing me major anxiety lol cause I have no clue what to do or why its like this and id like to do co-op and pvp for all characters.

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Command Bridge, things missing??
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195 days ago
Tech-adept has a slightly different story compared to the three vanilla classes. You skip many parts of the original story and have new chapters instead, specific to the Tech-adept.

With the vanilla classes (like your Psyker), you will need to do more missions to advance with your command bridge and get the rest of the crew. I believe you will first get the healer, then Caius and then the Tech-Priest (it's been a while since I did that part).

Also, one small advice: if you want to complete as much of this season as possible, try focusing on a single character, not three. The season will end (tentatively) in November, so you might not have enough time to complete all your three seasonal characters and their challenges.

195 days ago

I assume you played with 1 character a bit more through the story (even though all 3 are equal in level). Just do the story a bit more on the characters with less 'bridge elements'. Maybe you're just 1 story mission away from unlocking everything on the bridge with the others.  Should fix it nicely for you. Don't despair, you're an Inquisitor, after all...