more bugs found (on version 0.0.4b)


bugs that i have found (dont know if they are reported already)

from time to time on enemy turn game can freeze (it happens on side and/or main story)

sometimes when you have a choise to spare an enemy or kill them this can happen: 

  • if you spare them they leave and game thinks you are in combat (cant progress so you need to leave) 
  • if you fight them you have a combat but you cant dmg them normaly, and they cant dmg you(if you use aoe spells it still affect them) 

that scenario happened to me 2 times one on a mission with sir Pelleas other dont remmember

poor performance on a mission to save/clear the village from bandits (when you enter from the top if i remmember it was cementery)

hopefully it helps :)

more bugs found (on version 0.0.4b)
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1 year 340 days ago

You meant that when you took action with Pelleas against enemy archers, their models vanished and remained invisible afterward? Do you think having Pelleas in your party had any connection with the bug?

1 year 347 days ago
also i fond a bug last night on a mission with Pelleas sometimes when you attack bandits the archers were displayed on map but thier model was invisible (this happend only to human/bandit archers , i tried this mission 3 times and that thing happen to me ones no idea what caused it) you could attack them when you hover/click on their tile but their model were ... gone.

also dont know if it was a bug but enemy traps can be 'seen' by vanguard when you use your traps (you cant put your traps on enemy traps) dont know it is a bug, just saing :)

1 year 347 days ago
Hey there,

thanks for the details. All of them got reported but your report was super useful as all these bugs were confirmed to happen for more than just 1 player. We are in the middle of reproducing all these bugs.

On the other hand, if you have any suggestion, feedback, criticism on the new additions or anything at all, feel free to let me know so we can improve the game even better. :)